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Made by Many join DIBI London conference

17 May 2016

Made by Many is a product innovation studio with offices in London and New York. They help big companies and startups to innovate and take new products to market and have a portfolio of stunning work.

We are pleased to announce that Peter Parkes from Made by Many will be joining us at Design It; Build It London to talk about Hackaball, a programmable toy for kids that the company funded through a Kickstarter.

Hackaball looks like a fairly typical toy ball, but inside it’s got a six-axis motion sensor and multi-color LED lights. Kids can program it to do all sorts of things using that sensor — it can change color when you throw it, or if you’re not holding the ball steady enough. The idea is that kids will be able to create all sorts of games and learn the basics of programming.

Peter Parkes will take delegates on the journey that Made by Many took in developing Hackaball, focusing on the challenges around developing hardware in conjunction with software.

DIBI’s Jim Richardson said ‘The story behind Hackaball will give a fascinating insight into how Made by Many pushed the boundaries by developing this fantastic toy, I hope it will inspire everyone attending the conference to think about the opportunities that lie beyond the screen’.

Design It; Build It is an international conference for UX designers and web developers, featuring those shaping the future of the web. The conference takes place at The Royal Institution of Great Britain on October 21st, 2016.