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UX experts sign up for London web conference

27 March 2016

London Web Conference Design It; Build It will take place on October 21st 2016. The event will bring together those shaping the future of the web, with eight presentations offering a packed day of inspiration and practical tips which offer real actionable advice to delegates.

Having already announced that the former Lead Product Designer and Art Director of Spotify, Tobias van Schneider will open the conference in London as the keynote speaker, DIBI are pleased to boost the programme further with the addition of Josh Payton and Jane Austin to the programme.

Josh Payton is VP of User Experience at Huge Inc (Europe), the multi award winning agency, where Josh works such clients as Turkish Airlines, Lowe’s, Four Seasons, Amex, Disney.

During his decade-plus of interactive design experience, Josh has acted as the User Experience Design Lead for the home and storefront pages at and as a Senior Designer for Microsoft, Washington Post/Newsweek Interactive and Yahoo! News.

Jane Austin is Head of User Experience at The Telegraph. She is a UX specialist with a particular interest in data, news and how UX works with Agile and Lean. Currently her particular focus is on bringing user research into the design process and using prototypes to evolve design.

Jim Richardson from DIBI Conference said, ‘Since 2009, DIBI has brought together those shaping the future of the web. We are delighted that our London Web Conference will continue this legacy.’

Design It; Build It takes place October 21st at the Royal Institution London. Tickets are available now.