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Venue announced for 2016 London web conference

17 March 2016

Following on from a very successful Spring conference in Edinburgh, Design It; Build It have announced that they will hold a one day Autumn conference for web designers and developers in London.

The 2016 London web conference will be held at Royal Institution of Great Britain, a place of discovery since 1799.

Throughout its history, the Institution has supported public engagement with science through a program of lectures, many of which continue today. The most famous of these are the annual Royal Institution Christmas Lectures.

Jim Richardson, the organiser of DIBI said, ‘Royal Institution of Great Britain gives us the perfect backdrop for a day of inspiration and real actionable advice for our delegates’.

Design It; Build It 2016 London web conference will take place on 21st October 2016, with speakers from Europe and the United States. Details of speakers for the London conference can be found here.