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Tobias van Schneider

Tobias van Schneider is an award-winning, German designer raised in Austria & currently living in New York City.

Former Lead Product Designer & Art Director at Spotify, he recently founded Semplice and at the same time serves on the AIGA Board of Directors in New York.

His work has been featured and written about in highly acclaimed press such as .net Magazine, Computer Arts, FastCompany, Wired & many others.

Stefanie Posavec

Stefanie Posavec is a designer for whom data is her favoured material, with projects ranging from data visualisation and information design to commissioned data art.

Her personal work focuses on nontraditional representations of data derived from language, literature, or scientific topics, often using a hand-crafted approach.

Her work has been exhibited internationally at major galleries including MoMA and The Storefront for Art & Architecture (New York), CCBB (Rio de Janeiro), the Science Gallery (Dublin), the V&A, the Science Museum, the Southbank Centre, and Somerset House (London), and Milan Design Week.

Stefanie recently completed the year-long Dear Data drawing project with Giorgia Lupi, deemed the Best Dataviz Project and the Most Beautiful (the highest accolade) at the 2015 Kantar Information Is Beautiful Awards. A book of this project will be published in September 2016 by Particular Books (Penguin Random House UK) and Princeton Architectural Press (USA).

Josh Payton

Josh Payton is VP of User Experience in Huge’s European offices,  partnering with Huge’s global strategy, design and development teams in the creation and rapid prototyping of concepts, ecosystems, and interfaces. 

Josh has worked for such clients as Turkish Airlines, Lowe’s, Four Seasons, Amex, Disney and many more in Huge’s Brooklyn, Los Angeles and London offices. 

During his decade-plus of interactive design experience, Josh has acted as the User Experience Design Lead for the home and storefront pages at and as a Senior Designer for Microsoft, Washington Post/Newsweek Interactive and Yahoo! News.

Jane Austin

Jane Austin is Design Director at MOO, having previously worked at start-ups, design agencies, GDS and The Telegraph.

She is particularly interested in how to use data to inform design decisions, and how to how to lead teams and how to apply lean and agile design methodologies in a variety of environments. 

Dan Cork

Dan Cork is a developer at Holiday Extras, with over 8 years experience of tinkering with the web. 

Until late 2014 he worked as Lead Developer for a UK based digital agency. Dan has experience right across the stack but his main passion is for UI development and user experience.

Dan has written for several publications, most notably a cover feature on the future of CSS for net magazine. He has also spoken at events in the UK, Europe and USA.

Frances Berriman

Frances Berriman is a British designer and technologist living in San Francisco. She was a product lead and designer for Code for America, working with local governments to change their public service design practices.

Previously, she was the front-end lead for the award-winning single domain project GOV.UK at the Government Digital Service. Frances is now a freelance designer both independently, and as part of Public Digital and spends a majority of her time working on public service design projects.

In her spare time she runs an IoT and smart homes blog called Sensors and Sensibility and hobbies as an illustrator.

Marco Cedaro

Marco Cedaro is a front end developer since able to grow a beard, father of two, meteoropathic and with an insane passion for bands with raspy lead vocals.

In the web industry since the end of the first browser war, he started his career coding awful websites, which thanks to some god are nowhere to be found anymore on the Internet.

He left Italy 4 years ago for London, where he’s currently moving pixels and ideas around for Kahoot! to make learning awesome for millions around the world every day.

Also proudly involved in the organisation of From the Front conference series, the main Italian front end event.

Peter Parkes

Peter Parkes is Strategy Director at Made by Many in London and an advisor to Hackaball, named as one of the 25 best inventions of 2015 by TIME. His career has spanned corporate communications, product marketing and business strategy, with a focus on mass-market consumer technology businesses.

At Made by Many, he works with large, complex organisations such as Microsoft, Nike and Universal Music to design product programmes and ventures that transform their business models, organisational structures and customer relationships.

Christopher Murphy

Our conference chair is Christopher Murphy.

A writer, speaker and designer based in Belfast, Christopher has founded a number of successful digital startups. A passionate educator and mentor to many young entrepreneurs, he leads interaction design provision at The Belfast School of Art, where he has championed a successful startup culture for many years.

The author of numerous books, collectively exploring design, he has written for Five Simple Steps, 8 Faces and The Manual. An internationally respected speaker, he has spoken at conferences worldwide, including: Build, Industry and FOWD.

Enthusiastically exploring the intersection of design and business, he is currently hard at work on a new publishing venture, [Tiny Books], books about the design of business and the business of design.